IT Partnering and Innovation (ITPI) is a team made up of full time staff and students.

By working together we work on a multitude of projects and innovative solutions. Although not all of our work is aimed at students (see our projects!), those that are, are made stronger by the make up of our team.

The ITPI team sits within ISS, who are responsible for providing IT services to Lancaster University. Find out more about ISS by going to

It’s time to step into the wonderful world of innovation...

We’ll guide you step-by-step through imagining something wonderful, experimenting to make it great, and then turning your vision into reality.

Innovation Box can light the way but only you can choose where the journey leads. This is not a training exercise. Innovation Box is about doing it for real.

IT Partnering

Reaching out to other departments in the University, and beyond, to offer them support in their IT needs.


Generating ideas alongside students and staff, and seeing them into fruition.


iLancaster, is used daily by students to help them in their day to day lives.

Take a look at our projects

Lancaster Voice on devices.


In partnership with AWS, we are working on building a conversational interface for Lancaster University. Check out the blog to see more.

Unibubble on devices.


A custom built app for the wellbeing team at Lancaster, which allows students to share their location with friends and family. They are also able to share their location with University Security staff when on campus.

iLancaster a on iPhone.


iLancaster is Lancaster University’s mobile application, delivering Lancaster University services, resources and information - at your fingertips - whenever you want them, from wherever you are.

City, Coast and Countryside on devices.

City, Coast and Countryside

Working in partnership with Lancaster City Council, we built an app for local residents. This includes features like alerts when your bins need to go out, Transport Hub (with live bus times) and much more!