Self-Service LUSI Document Printing

User Story:

To provide a like system that builds on the success of current LUSI document ordering process. 1) Student orders document via LUSI online (current process) 2) LUSI generates a "code" with validity period that can be used to validate the document is genuine. 3) Student self-prints the document and sends on to where it is required. 4) Organisation receiving the document visits a web site to validate the document and uses the code (QR as well?) to validate or not the document. I have discussed this with Paul H / The Base and there are a few options. 1) LUSI Change / Development request for it all 2) LUSI generates code and web service, someone else (ITP) generates the front end.. 3) other option... Around 11,000 documents per year @ 5 mins per document. (about 1000 hours of time)