Simple System for Guest Account Creation..

User Story:

At the last identity CAB we agreed that we ought to look at creating a simple system for guest account creation. The request was based on the short course scenario, and I’ve set up a meeting with Lee & Stephen Hall next week. In preparation for that however, I’ve been collating together some use scenarios, which we actually started work on back in March 2015(!) and apart from short courses & summer schools (where I think a new PSMS-style system would work well as delegates could need to print, access to software etc.), the other scenarios are ALL about giving visiting lecturers, conference speakers etc. the ability to use presentation PCs (in lecture theatres, conference rooms etc.) to present and to access the internet. If we could work with LUNS to provide guest access on these machines that would be absolutely brilliant – would save a LOT of admin time (both for service desk and administrators in faculties, departments and conference office) and would rid us of the awful bulk accounts. Can we get it on a potential project list? I’ll add it via Chris’s ideas log. Copied to Andrew as it feels like Digital Services to me.