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Take a look at what we are working on, and what we built in the past.

Take a look at our projects


It was difficult to keep track of all the students living on campus. We needed to stay on top of their health and wellbeing at the height of the initial covid outbreak. Therefore we needed a new way of receiving recent and updated data from the students on these two topics.


With the help of MazeMap’s platform, Lancaster University has developed a number of solutions to help students and staff have an improved university experience.

Connect Lancaster

If you have a question about your life or studies at Lancaster, and can’t find what you’re looking for, ask Connect Lancaster. All you need to do is type your question into the ‘Ask a question’ box and you’ll likely find your answer straight away.


In partnership with AWS, we are working on building a conversational interface for Lancaster University. Check out the blog to see more.


A custom built app for the wellbeing team at Lancaster, which allows students to share their location with friends and family. They are also able to share their location with University Security staff when on campus.

iLancaster - Staff

For several years, University students and staff used the same profile within iLancaster. But in 2018, a new profile launched exclusively for staff, with new features such as; CoreHR, My Pay Day etc.

iLancaster - Students

iLancaster for students is our most popular product.

City, Coast and Countryside

Working in partnership with Lancaster City Council, we built an app for local residents. This includes features like alerts when your bins need to go out, Transport Hub (with live bus times) and much more!

Lancaster Castle Tour

Working in partnership with the Duchy, we created a web based tour and a VR tour for Lancaster Castle.