The Digi Booth



  • Tom Skarbek-Wazynski

You might have already seen the Digi Booth throughout freshers fair. The booth was used to showcase the work of Digital Lancaster, the University’s digital vision.

Digital Lancaster has been developed to support the University’s strategy and its vision to become a globally significant University, setting five goals to ensure that it exploits digital technologies, so equipping it to meet the needs of our digital world today and into the future.

As well as showcasing videos from across the university, the booth also offered students a chance to feedback on their digital ideas. More to come on our ideas platform

Whilst the booth was a great idea and worked in principal, unfortunately the booth was a bit heavy and we were not able to move it around as expected. It just took too long to take down!

We also launched it a bit early into the Digital Lancaster project, keep an eye out for Digi Booth v2!

How does it improve the student experience?

By creating an easy way to gain feedback from the student community and to provide an interesting way for that community to find out what is going on across campus and Digital Lancaster.

This booth can also be repurposed in a number of innovative ways such as a pop up micro theatre as part of LU:TG / LICA

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