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We have some full time staff, and lots of part time staff. Scroll down to meet us all.

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Chris Dixon

Head of IT Partnering and Innovation

I act as a Business Partner for the university, making sure everyone is happy with our IT services now and in the future. I generate leads for the team, passionately champion what we do, and ensure that we continue to innovate, challenge and experience joy in our work.

Brian Green

Innovation and Mobile Development Team Leader

I help the team deliver solutions in a chaotic world of change.

Aaron Cosgrove

I.T. Partnering and Innovation Developer (Full Stack)

When I'm not tapping keys you can find me mountain biking in the lakes or snowboarding in the Alps/Scotland in the winter.

Alice Ashcroft

Assistant Project Manager

I help promote innovation within the team and wider institution, and help to manage projects.

Anthony Humphreys

I.T. Partnering and Innovation Developer (Full Stack)

I turn coffee into code.

Ben Cross

I.T. Partnering and Innovation Developer (Full Stack)

I write and help to manage the deployment of APIs and Skills for the Voice Project.

Josh Stennett

I.T. Partnering and Innovation Developer (Full Stack)

Mmm noodles.

Student staff say...

Working at ITPI while studying was a fantastic opportunity to work in an innovative, diverse and agile environment, while learning valuable technical and professional skills. - Oliver Cuffley

Working in ITPI gave me the real life development skills to springboard my career and is still one of the most important experiences I’ve had. - Liam Cottier

Working in ITPI gave me valuable experience in a wide range of things, from basic data gathering to helping manage a fleet of around 200 beacons spread across campus. It also helped me to develop my interpersonal skills within a professional environment as I was working with a range of people from different backgrounds. - Anna Hills

ITPI gave me some great experience working in the IT industry, the skills that I learned have helped me pursue a career in web development. Consistently delivering quality solutions gave me confidence in my own capability, as well as my ability to work as part of a development team. I am grateful for the support and training I received during my time at ITPI, as it certainly helped me kickstart a career in IT. - Jono Mountain