Your digital companion.

You can use ‘L.U.’ on your Amazon Echo device, the Alexa app or via the iLancaster app. Echo devices can’t be used on campus at the moment but we are investigating ways we can adapt our Wi-Fi network to allow devices like this to connect.

We launched the “digital friend” on 5th March 2019.

What's included?

Voice assistants are a rapidly growing area with many people owning and using devices from Amazon, Google and Apple.

We believe that students and staff are now starting to expect services to be delivered by voice. Ask L.U. has taken the first steps by creating a voice skill that helps students in their studies and university life, from checking on their latest mark to booking a sports court, all via a voice device or through voice on their phone.

For more information about how to use L.U. or similar, go to the new LU service page here.

Questions you can ask

What can you do?

What’s next on my timetable?

Which member of staff do I have next?

What’s my average mark?

Who is my academic supervisor?

How many free PCs are there in the Library?

Do I have any books out?

Can you book a group pod for me?

What’s the weather like on campus?

When’s the next Green bin collection?

How do I make an appointment with a disability advisor?

What is an ILSP?

Questions you can ask


We are always interested in hearing you feedback, and if you have any suggestions on how we can improve L.U to further help you.

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If you have run into any issues, please report them and we will make sure to fix them.

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