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Help with L.U.

How to use L.U.?

What can you do?

What can you help me with?

What can you assist me with?

Tell me what you can do

Inform me what you can do

What can you do for me?

What can you aid me with?

What can you advise me on?

What can you help me with?

What should I ask you?

Show me what you can do?

What’s the most useful thing you do?

I could use some help

I need a hand

How does it work?

What do I say?

What can you guide me with?

What service can you provide for me?

What do you do?

Academic & Timetabling

What’s next on my timetable?

How long is it until my next class?

Where is my next class?

Where is the next thing on my timetable?

When is my next deadline?

What’s my next deadline?

When is my next E.g. when is my next lecture?

What is my next event?

What’s on next?

What do I have next?

Tell me what I have next

What sessions do I have on ?

What lectures have I got on ?

What’s on my timetable on ?

Who’s teaching my next class?

Which member of staff do I have next?

Who is my next session with?

When is my next exam / test?

How many credits is worth?

How much is worth?

What’s my average mark?

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How many teaching hours do I have

Who is my academic supervisor / advisor?

How do I contact (Staff Name)?

What’s the phone number for (Staff Name)?

What’s the email for (Staff Name)?

I want to request a meeting with my academic advisor

Send a message to my adviser asking for an appointment.

To research ...

the age of the universe, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, astronomical units


How many free PCs are there in the Library?

How busy the computers are in the Library?

Do I have any books out?

Do I have any loans from the library?

Are there any library rooms free on ?

Is there a group work room free at the moment?

I want a group study space

Can you book a group pod for me?

I’ve lost my library card, what do I do?

Campus Life

What’s the weather like on campus?

Is it going to rain?

Is it still sunny?

What’s my name?

Who am I?

How do I


When is open? (Try Greggs, The Deli etc.) 

When is open on

What are the opening hours for

Tell me my university email address?

I've forgotten my email address

What's my email address?

What's my student I.D?

What's my identification number?

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When’s the next Green/Grey bin collection?

What the upcoming bin collection is?

What college am I in?

I've forgotten what college I'm in

What's my college?

Disability Services

How do I make an appointment with a disability advisor?

How do I make an appointment with a Learning Developer?

What is DSA?

What is a mitigating circumstances form?

How do I get a deadline extension?

Who do I contact if I am stuck with work?

I have an injury and need some support and adjustments, who do I speak to?

What is an ILSP?

Can I book a learning review? 

Can I live on campus for the rest of my studies?

How do I get specific exam arrangements in place?

What support can I get for my disability?

How do I get a dyslexia assessment?

How do I get a diagnosis?